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If you wish to come by public transport to la Solane, best is to contact us to discuss the possibilities and what we can do for you.

Please realize that the last 5 kilometers of your journey will be a dirt road. This road is well accessible for most cars, but if you are heavily loaded or for any other reason don't feel comfortable with it, we are very willing to meet you down and take luggage and/or passengers over from you.

From France:
On the motor way A9 you take the last exit in France "le Boulou" before the Spanish border. Then take the D115 towards Céret. Go through Amelie les Bains and Arles sur Tech after that continue towards Prats de Mollo. 6 km after Arles sur Tech you take a left turn towards Saint Laurent de Cerdans instead of going straight towards Prats. In Saint Laurent you pass the supermarket "8 à 8" and after 400 meters you turn left opposite an orange café. You can then follow the signs "la Solane". The road becomes a dirt road after 3.5 km, keep following the signs until you encounter the entrance to La Solane.

follow the signs

From Spain:
About 7 miles after Figueras on the Nacional dos ( NI I ) in the direction of the French border, you turn left on the GI 502 to Darnius, Ma├žanet de Cabrenys and Tapis. After the the French border Coustouges and Saint Laurent de Cerdans. In Saint Laurent you pass the museum and 50 yards further you turn right opposite an orange café and you follow the signs "La Solane".The road becomes a dirt road after 3 miles.Follow the signs until you encounter the entrance to La Solane.

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